Small Devices Electrical Safety Testing

Between 2019 and 2023, the global market for home appliances is expected to witness a compound annual growth rate of 6%. Among key drivers of this growth will be product innovation to enable multifunctionality of these appliances. Increased complexity of electronics also raises doubts about the safety features attached to them. In this context, ISO-accredited GORD LABS’ Electrical Safety Compliance Testing lab provides a thorough product safety check in terms of electrical safety of appliances for domestic use.

These tests are performed under procedures following IEC 60335-1 standard for all home appliances with specific additions for some products such as electric irons, skin and haircare devices and fans. Upon completion of the testing process, clients are provided with an extensive report providing details of the concerned products’ electrical safety compliance levels based on parameters requested by the clients.

Small Devices Electrical Safety Testing Division
Capable Tests & Standards Applicable Products
IEC   60335-1 General Home Appliances (Handheld & Portable)
IEC   60335-2-3 Electric Irons
IEC   60335-2-23 Hair & Skincare equipment
IEC   60335-2-80 Fans
QS SASO   As applicable All the above