PV Performance Testing

The recent past has seen an exponential rise in the acceptance of renewables and the use of PV panels in all sectors to provide green and clean energy. The growing use of solar energy is a promising sign pointing towards a sustainable future. However, exploiting this opportunity is not free of its challenges. The solar PV market is replete with extraordinary claims about performance values for various PV panels by multiple suppliers, who in reality are providing substandard devices. Such a trend has not only hampered the overall efficiency of the system but also impacted the general acceptance towards PV technology. In this context, GORD LABS’ PV Performance Testing division has been established to ensure that customers get the value for the premium they had paid to embrace PV technology.

At GORD LABS, we have the top-notch equipment and expertise needed to provide first-rate PV performance verification services to our customers. Making these services more accessible, portability of testing equipment have made it possible for our specialists to conduct onsite tests, if necessary.

PV Performance Testing Division