LED Testing

When compared with incandescent light bulbs, LEDs can conserve up to 90% of electricity. With the cost of LEDs continuing their downward trajectory, the technology has fast penetrated today’s global lighting market. That said, with the variety of offerings available in the market, it is hard to choose the right product that is truly eco-friendly. Providing comprehensive solutions, GORD LABS’ LED Testing Division tests luminaries based for a range of parameters including overall light emission and uniformity, total energy consumption, quality of light, on/off cycles and lifespan of these devices based on start, run-up time and flick for LED lamps, CFLs and other luminaires.

Equipment available at our laboratories offer advanced solutions including both spectral and photometric test, endurance and LSRF tests, LED optical maintenance test and lamp cap stability tests as per global standards. This state-of-the-art testing facility features high-tech systems supported by auxiliary equipment that measure and analyse AC parameters and high precision power sources. Upon the completion of tests, GORD LABS provides LM79 Compatible Test Reports.

LED Testing


Applicable Tests and Products

IES LM-79-19
Approved Method: Optical and Electrical Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products
IES LM-79-08
Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products
CIE 127
Measurement of LEDs
IEC 62722-2-1

Luminaire performance - Part 2-1: Particular requirements for LED luminaires

IEC TR 61547-2015
Equipment for general lighting purposes - EMC immunity requirements - Part 1: An objective light flicker meter and voltage fluctuation immunity test method
CIE IN:006-2016
Visual Aspects of Time-Modulated Lighting Systems – Definitions and Measurement Models
IEC 60969
Self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps for general lighting services - Performance requirements
IEC 61347-1
Lamp control gear - Part 1: General and safety requirements
IEC 60598
Luminaires - Part 1: General requirements and tests