Home Appliances Energy Efficiency Testing

In our fast-urbanizing world, home appliances and electronics draw a massive portion of the global energy consumed today. From small-sized gadgets and devices to energy hungry appliances such as clothes dryers and irons, our home appliances’ power take-up lies anywhere between 5 and 3,000 watts. With energy efficient appliances increasingly becoming a norm, one wonders if the modern, environmentally conscientious consumer is buying the green product that manufacturers have claimed it to be? With GORD LABS’ Home Appliances Energy Efficiency Testing Facility, the end-customer can now rest assured about the verity of environmental claims that come with home appliances.

At GORD LABS, we provide services for testing a range of resource intensive devices such as washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters, clothes dryers, etc. which consume a significant amount of energy and/or water. These appliances are also tested in accordance with the latest QS standards to provide performance values for their Energy Label classification. Our routinely updated measurement and control system ensures that the performance classification results are up-to-date and in sync with the market. (Coming Soon)

Home Appliances Energy Efficiency Testing Division