Hand Sanitizer Testing

In the current scenario with recurring viral outbreaks and the global pandemics, it is of paramount importance to ensure the quality of commercially available Hand Sanitizers which acts as the primary weapon in controlling and prohibiting the spread of the virus and bacterial contaminations.

GORD LABS provides a comprehensive Qualitative & Quantitative analysis of Hand Sanitizers and similar disinfectant products in the market to ensure that the most important parameter of the product – the alcohol concentration – meets and fulfils the WHO regulations and global standards. For Ethanol and IPA (Iso-propyl Alcohol) based hand sanitizers to be effective as disinfecting agents, they must contain at least 60% ethanol or 70% IPA by volume.

The accredited testing, that uses FT-IR (Fourier Transform-Infra Red) spectroscopy following ASTM standards, provides a fast and reliable method to determine the ethanol and isopropanol content of hand sanitizers compounded according to WHO and FDA-approved formulations. The highly experienced and trained personnel along with the latest FTIR equipment ensure that third-party product quality verification is conducted in minimum time from data collection and processing to results generation.

Qualitative Analysis of Alcohol mixtures in the product

  • Product Formulation Testing

Quantitative Analysis of % Alcohol content in the product

  • Product Labelling Compliance
  • Product Regulation Compliance

References & Standards

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ASTM E 1252 – Standard Practice for General Techniques for Obtaining Infrared Spectra for Qualitative Analysis
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