Testing Process

GORD Labs provides fast, accurate testing

Customer presents his request to GORD LABS via phone/email, followed by info on the products to be tested by sending the filled forms and supporting documents given below
– Proof of number of Items – See Note 3
– Qatar ID of the company representative
GORD LABS will review the request documents and replies to the customer with the feedback on the test capability, confirmation of test request and the offer for test (with applicable discounts for batch tests)
Once the customer accepts the offer for test, GORD LABS will assign the next earliest date for physical submission of the test unit at the GORD LABS.
Customer submits the test items along with the the payment for the tests to GORD LABS at the assigned appointment time. The previously agreed forms will be signed, sealed and receipts will be issued at this point.
– For AC test, 1 sample to be submitted
– For Home Appliance Test, at least 2 samples to be submitted.
GORD Labs notifies the expected delivery date to the customer at the time of sample submission.
GORD Labs conducts the required product tests requested by the customer
GORD Labs notifies the customer upon test completion and returns all samples along with relevant test reports and certificates.

Notes to Customer


Models with slight differences

For models with slight differences, these needs to be tested separate and the full testing charges apply.


For discounts for multiple tests, please contact GORD LABS prior to get the best offers.

Proof of number of items

The proof of document for the number of items in the shipment can be a copy of the any of the below

– Shipping note
– Packing List
– Item details with number of items shipped (from port)