GORD LABS Facility & Equipment


GORD LABS is located in Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) – Qatar’s premier hub for applied research, technological innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship. The facility is represented by various divisions hosting advanced testing solutions operated by highly specialized experts and certified professionals.

GORD LABS’ testing capabilities, merged with our professional expertise, make us the right choice for suppliers and distributors seeking performance and safety testing for their products.

AC Performance Testing Division

The state-of-the-art psychrometric testing chamber for assessing the energy efficiency of different types of air conditioning units is one-of-a-kind testing facility in the region. Featuring automated systems that have been custom-engineered to simulate the environmental conditions of the region, the chamber is capable of performing tests under a wide range of parameters according to the requirements set forth by the concerned regulatory authorities.
To maintain impartiality, testing certificates issued upon the completion of the test reflect quality and performance of randomly selected AC sample units.

Small Devices Electrical Safety Testing Division

GORD LABS’ safety testing facility operates on the basis of IEC 60335 standard with special attention given to small devices such as irons, hair and skincare appliances and fans. Testing equipment in this division include an all-in-one multi electrical safety tester that can test multiple safety parameters of an appliance of up to 6 kW capacity. Adding enhanced depth to its range of services, the division possesses other equipment such as drop test stands and slopes, impact test hammers, finger shock hazard simulation systems, shore hardness testers for fan blades, RPM counters and electric iron drop testers, etc.

PV Performance Testing Division

Equipped with some of the most advanced instruments such as HT Italia I-V 400w Photovoltaic Panel Testers, GORD LABS has the capacity to measure the efficiency, general condition and output levels of a variety of PV panels. Offering greater flexibility and faster results, PV testing at GORD LABS can be conducted on a single module or strings of modules for PV installations.
GORD LABS also offers on demand PV testing including single PV cell analysis to PV array performance analysis and full system inspection services. These tests which previously required days to complete can be concluded in a matter of a few hours now, thanks to a combination of novel instruments and software available at GORD LABS’ facility featuring cutting edge technology.

IAQ & Environmental Tests Division

GORD LABS is home to cutting edge technologies innovated to measure the overall quality of the environment. From indoor air quality (IAQ) to noise levels, brightness of spaces to temperature levels, humidity levels to air throw/velocity in an indoor environment, all these factors can be measured against their benchmarked levels, thanks to the most up-to-date instruments available at our laboratories. The IAQ test equipment include the Advance Sense Pro II series from GrayWolf (Ireland & USA) equipped with a full range of sensor probes and handheld portable loggers from AeroQual (New Zealand), etc. Other environmental parameter measurement equipment includes the lighting, noise, dust and airspeed measurement units from leading industry brands such as Extech , Cirrus, PCE and FLIR, etc.

LED Testing Division

At GORD LABS, we take pride in our unyielding expertise and top-of-the-line infrastructure necessary to meet the requirements of the latest testing solutions that we offer. Our LED Testing Division is armed with some of the most up-to-date equipment measuring numerous variables critical for the overall efficiency and safety of luminaries. The High-speed CCD Spectroradiometer, for instance, provides fast and precise measurements for photometric, colorimetric, radiometric and electric properties of luminaries while also offering LED optical maintenance testing. Supplementing the system for greater precision are the latest models of Lisun Integrating Spheres that come with holder base to guarantee enhanced accuracy of geometry testing. To ensure the mechanical strength safety of luminaries, we have CH338 Digital Torsion Meter that can calculate torques from 0~10Nm for all kinds of lamp caps. Adding to the list of these specialized apparatuses is Lisun CH316 Multiway Life Tester that simultaneously measures and records the lifespan of up to 16 luminaries.

Home Appliances Energy Efficiency Testing Division

The list of home appliances tested at GORD LABS does not end with air-conditioning units. Our Home Appliances Energy Efficiency Testing Division houses sophisticated equipment required to measure the energy and water efficiency, safety, capacity and durability of electronics used in domestic settings. Covering an extensive scope of services, the energy efficiency testing division boasts a highly specialized combination of hardware and software deployed to meet international standards as well as regional market requirements. Key equipment benefiting this division’s operations include fully automated control and DAQ Systems incorporating flowmeters, RPM and pH meters, pressure and volume control valves, auto titrators, thermocouples, current transformers, three-phase power meters and a water treatment plant. (Coming Soon)